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An NQT induction period eases you into teaching after completing your training and achieving qualified teacher status (QTS).

Newly Qualified Teachers who start work in maintained schools are generally required to undertake this period of Statutory Induction. Without completing it, you are unable to teach in a maintained school. There are some exceptions that we’ll take a look at in a moment.

Newly Qualified Teachers working in Private Schools, Academies or Free Schools are not required to undertake Statutory Induction, although the school may choose to offer it.

Newly Qualified Teachers undergoing Statutory Induction must be registered at the start of their Induction period with their Local Authority or other Appropriate Body if you’re working in a Private School, Academy or Free School.

Statutory Induction for NQTs is served for the period of one school year (this is pro rated for part-time posts). At the end of this period, your Local Authority (or other Appropriate Body) will decide whether you have performed satisfactorily against the relevant standards. To do this, they will take account of your Headteacher or Principal’s recommendation, as well as any other you’ve evidence provided.

If you have already completed part of your Statutory Induction in another school, your Headteacher or Principal should apply for copies of any completed assessments. They should then establish how much time you have left to serve on your Induction period and must alert your Local Authority or other Appropriate Body of any concerns raised about your progress by pervious schools.

You are only allowed to undertake Statutory Induction once. If you fail to pass your NQT year, you are no longer eligible to be employed in maintained schools and must be dismissed from your post.

As mentioned before, there are some circumstances when Newly Qualified Teachers do not have to have completed a full Statutory Induction Period in order to work in a maintained school.

For example, if you have been assessed as needing a reduced Induction Period because of previous teaching experience or if you are undertaking short-term supply work.

When a Newly Qualified Teacher is undertaking Statutory Induction, each party has specific roles and responsibilities.

In simple terms, your Headteacher or Principal should ensure that they provide you with a trained Induction Tutor who has time to carry out their role. They must also provide you with a reduced timetable allowance and not make unreasonable demands of you.

Induction Tutors should provide day-to-day monitoring and support for Newly Qualified Teachers. They should carry out regular reviews with the NQT throughout the Induction Period and undertake three formal assessments – one at the end of each term. They should also ensure that the NQT’s teaching is observed at regular intervals (there is no set minimum or maximum number of observations required) and that they receive prompt and constructive feedback on these observations.

NQTs are required to meet with their Induction Tutor to discuss priorities for their Induction programme and to participate in the monitoring and development programme agreed. They are also required to collect evidence of their progress against the relevant standards and to discuss with their Induction Tutor as to how best to use their reduced timetable allowance.

This is an overview of the statutory requirements as set out by the government. Local Authorities and other Appropriate Bodies may have additional rules, practises and systems in place.