It’s the 21st Century, isn’t it?

So why is education still operating as though it’s a hundred years ago?

We have interactive boards in every classroom, we teach the children to code their own apps and build their own websites.

Yet, as an English Coordinator, in order to find out what’s happening in the world of English teaching, I’m expected to give up 3 hours of my afternoon to drive to the next town and listen to someone talk about it at a PSG.

If I have a question about a Year 3 Maths objective or I’m looking for advice about techniques to use with a particular child, I need to find my subject leader after school or send my SENDCo an e-mail and wait for them to reply.

No wonder teachers’ workloads are out of control!

But what if there was a place where teachers could share resources, ask questions and receive help quickly?

What if it included courses to help you through the trickier aspects of being a teacher?

Enter… Total Primary Hub!

The Total Primary Hub is a membership site like no other and it exists for one reason and one reason only… to make your life easier.

A community built by teachers, tested by teachers and made for teachers.

Want to take a peek inside?