It’s the last week of term and you suddenly realise that you haven’t even thought about Easter Cards for your children to make!

You hope for one moment that it might just be a nightmare but nope!  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Each of these cute cards can be made in an afternoon – no matter how young your children.

And the parents will love them!

1. Easter bunny and chick fingerprint craft


Parents love anything made with their children’s fingerprints.  Full instructions for these cute cards by Sarah Anderson at Sarahndipities.

2. Handprint rabbits

bunny 2

Want to get a little messy?  You can find several ideas for using handprints as the basis of your cards at Diapers-to-Diplomas.

3. Flip top Easter eggs


Looking for something a little more challenging?  Cut two pieces of egg and join them using a paper fastener.  For full instructions, visit Hub Pages.

4. Potato Print Cards


Who doesn’t love a bit of potato printing?  Don’t forget that older children love it too!  Full instructions at Crafty Morning.

5. Tissue Paper Cross


If you’re in a church school, this wonderfully colourful card from Happy Home Fairy is also great for practising fine motor skills!

6. Pom Pom Chicks!


These adorable 3D cards can be found over at Crafty Morning!